If Work-Life Balance is What We Belive than Why We Kill Ourselves Working?

It’s been 12 hours and clock is ticking at 10 in the night, and you are still sitting at your desk in the office, looking at the screen.

You have spent 12 hours without any social life, and that’s exactly your routine for every week, every month.

Honestly, it’s a bit too much that you are devoting, but I can not complain about it because here I am writing this article on work-life balance when I don’t have one. Ironic enough!

With every coffee shot in the office, we have to keep ourselves energized so that we don’t slack. We all are humming in the same monotonous tune day after day with no change.

We have forgotten what socializing means and the worst part is we have forgotten how we can keep that me-time for ourselves.

But what else can be done because we always have heard and taught that work is worship, right?

Our family is pissed off because We don’t call them. Friends have stopped even trying to be in touch altogether, as every time we have to come up with new excuses.

Ahh… If you think that I have missed the part of weekends, then don’t fool yourself as we all know when Sunday arrives all we want to do is catch up on that lost sleep or pending household works.

We have sucked away our little social life with our work that we used to have. But what we are not understanding is while we are adding things to give status and good work life, we’re missing life.

We are working our asses off on weekends, just to impress the boss, while we should be hanging out with friends, having a love life or do what we love to do in free time.

Understand this thing clearly that working more and more for that appraisal will obviously fetch you more money, but at the same time, it will bring more responsibilities and time to consume you will put to get another appraisal.

Struggle to achieve more things is never going to end.

Every day something adds on in our list, and it keeps on expanding. We lose the perspective towards life when we try to overachieve things.

Many of us even don’t know what they are working for?

And the worst part is when you talk about this work-life balance then people start saying that they love their job or if someone is talking about balance then he/she must be leaving the job or playing politics.

There is no harm in running behind money, but you need to rest if you want to sprint again.

So with this, each one of us must ensure that we give importance to work and life equally. If there’s work, do it but then live your life also with those who matter to you and you matter to them.

Don’t think that you’re making a sacrifice when you are taking a leave for meeting friends or family, it’s as important as work and it’s high time we should realize this.


With that note, Let’s wind up this article and let me scoot to meet my friends.

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