Don’t Avoid Relationships in Your 20’s, It Might Be Your Biggest Mistake

You are in your 20’s, and you have diverted all your focus on your career, but there is one more thing that you’re missing and should be a part of your 20’s.


Yes relationship do define us in a lot of ways, and I am not talking about your relationship with family and friends, I am talking about that someone with whom you can go on a date, share stuff, feel better, etc.

Considering all stuff like you don’t enough time for this, or you are not in the right age to be in a relationship, what will the society say, or you’re not mentally prepared to be committed, are only one side of the coin.

There is another side of relationships, probably a better one which you haven’t seen or listen about.

Let’s talk about it!

1. One of the proven facts is, your quality and quantity of sexual experience become better if you are with one person for the long period of time, better than those one-night-stands every week.

2. The myth is our focus loses when we are in a relationship, while the reality is one can focus more easily on things when they are in a relationship.

No, we’re not talking about toxic relationships in that case the best option is to get out of it and find a healthier one.

3. If you consider being single as a status of cool, more focus then you are wrong, single people end up more confused, no or less focus, and at the end of the day after long day of work, they don’t have any motivation to go somewhere.

4. You have more freedom when you’re in a relationship than you have in your singledom, and that’s the best part of being in a relationship.

5. You don’t have to bear that constant sneak-ins from your family to check if you’re in a relationship with someone or not.

6. Being in a relationship in 20’s helps you know what you want and what you don’t want from that relationship in the future.

Obviously, you don’t have this luxury in your 30’s.

7. If you are lucky enough to find that right person in your early 20’s then you can surely give a miss to all pressure of that late 20’s, early 30’s and other drama.

8. You make mistakes in your career, and you learn from that in 20’s. Likewise, you learn from your relationship mistakes.

One must be comfortable with the life they are living in, and it’s just an another perspective towards the golden side of having a relationship in early 20’s.

Let us know about your thoughts on relationships in the comment section.

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