9 Reasons Why Blue Whale Challenge Is Not The Problem, It’s Something Else

The Internet is filled with the news of this new game and the deaths caused because of it. Though the game has been taken off from the internet and the creator has been sentenced prison for 3 years in Russia, but what about those lives that have been lost because of it? In Russia, more than 170 teenagers committed suicide because of the game.

In India, a 14-year old killed himself because he was afraid that if he didn’t commit suicide then according to the game someone will kill his mother.

First, for those who don’t have a clear idea about what the game is, it’s an online game that puts you through total 50 tasks which count from self-inflicted wounds to psychologically twisted games and the end level ends with you committing suicide.

The question going viral on social media is why anyone would take a challenge that ultimately asks him/her to commit suicide?

“Well, Why not?”

The game is just the creature that is lurking down on the surface when the real monster with the young generation swims in darkness.

Instead of focusing on the news and worrying how you can stay your child away from this game try to focus on the reasons why he/she would be attracted to it. Reasons like these:

1. Temptation

Yes, the game has been taken off the internet, but the temptation to play can’t be removed. That continuous nagging to take up some challenge even though it is tangled somehow and may end up as you harming yourself, that urge of clicking on the sign-up option whenever we saw something, these are few of the tempting devils than the game.

2. Appeal to Self-Destruct

Reality is like kids at school have picked up this appeal to cut themselves if they do not like something or they want something badly. Similarly, an online appeal has formed about playing something that gives a boost, deviates mind and lure psychically to do something.

3. Presence of Large Audience

Those who have played this game know that whatever they are doing, someone is watching them. Be it the curators, or the audience with whom they were sharing their pictures of bleeding skin, standing on the building edge, and they knew that they have to do this because they will be praised by someone.

4. Attention

The lack of attention one does not get from near ones is what young age children seek to get online. Curiosity, FOMO, peer pressure, could be any reasons for choosing between playing the game. Games like Blue Whale is the open invitation to start a conversation about the dark thoughts and play with your emotions.

Talking of attention, tasks on this game spins around carving a whale on your body to self-inflicted wounds and posting this photographs on social media gives a lot of attention.

5. Your Depression

Yes, a person’s depression and related fights with the kid leads to a possibility of kid getting involved with such kind of things as they tinker psychologically with the brain. Your worries coupled with the lack of psychological help, push young people to games like these. Instead of taking tension, talk to your children so that they also share things with you.

6. Kids are easily manipulated

Talking of influencing, we all are aware of human trafficking news, kidnapping small kids by luring them, etc., but there is another trend among the criminals that has been started to target kids as a victim, which is the mobile games. That’s why a psychotic person was able to create something that will easily attract the kids.

7. New Adventure

Children between 13-18 like to indulge in daredevil and dangerous practices as they consider this as adventurous and cool. Hence, some of them join the games like blue whale to show their strength and they can not be broken.

8. Your Child could be the next if you don’t stop slamming suicide

Yes, You read it right. It’s not okay if you accuse someone who commits suicide of being stupid.

It’s creating an atmosphere that suicidal tendencies are cowardly and weak action. Hence, we ourselves push a person who needs help toward sources of distorted comfort like alcoholism, drug use, and such horrid games.

9. A Plethora of Games

Blue Whale Challenge is not alone, there are many others which exist on the internet today like wake me up at 3 a.m., F57 and many more. The monster will not slay by just stopping one game, and it will pop up in another game form. The problem can only be solved from our end so that the existence of these games doesn’t bother us.

Having said that, We have to be more careful towards adolescents considering that there are such horrid games present on the internet and today’s youngest generation, even those who are as young as 5-6 years of age can get in touch with these things first.


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