11 Things Chefs are Irritated of Hearing

1. Please cook something for me as well, only then I will consider you as a chef.

2. Hey, Have you heard of that famous chef *****, do you like him/her?

3. You must participate in that TV Cooking Show; You will beat all the judges in the competition.

4. Your Parents and Friends most annoying question, When are you planning to go for a real job?

5. You must be having a life full of delicious foods to eat, right?

6. Tell me, What You like to cook most often?

7. How can you work in a kitchen for your whole life? Isn’t it boring?

8. Please tell me the best way to cook that dish and that one also and yes that one too.

9. I can bet you won’t eat this because this doesn’t look fancy.

Sorry to disappoint you pal! But chefs are not always in a mood to taste fancy dishes.

10. You look so fit, you must be working out along with this as you have all the time.

Well, the answer is no of-course, chefs have to spend their whole time in the kitchen having the temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. When are you planning to open your own restaurant, will you give me a discount?


Stop asking stupid questions and cherish what they do by supporting them.

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