11 Tweets That Hilariously Sums Up the Perfect Relationship Between Roommates

If you have ever dared to stroll the world apart from comfy and safe homes, then you know what I am talking about.


If these extraordinary souls wouldn’t have existed on this earth than our days would definitely be fraught with a dripping nose and tears. Our roommates possess these superpowers due to which we miss our homes a little less. We share every kind of bond with them, be it a special combo of love and hate or their annoying nature or their helping nature.

We do plan to murder them while they are in their sleep, sometimes.

So to re-live some crispy moments you might had with your roommate we have scouted the internet and found some hilarious tweets to sum-up your relationship between you two.

1. When you pray if one murder was possible to help the society.

2. I don’t think someone would have loved their roomie to this level.

3. Dreams like this only come true in 100 years.

4. Actions like this compel you to think again on the point of living solo rather with a roomie.

5. This roomie just committed an offensive crime which is non-bailable.


6. No caption in situations like these will be best!

7. A character like these need to remind of the importance of recycling.

8. Victory! Victory! And Victory!

9. Wish I would have blessed with a roomie like this one. #Jealousy

10. When your roomie put so much efforts to annoy you.

11. Some of us take the quote we can share everything very seriously.

12. Scary and shower, in one sentence? Well, well, living with a roommate is enough to experience the horror.

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