20 Cool Hollywood Movies Facts That You Probably Have No Idea About

Every movie we have ever seen always has some interesting anecdotes, and some of them are more entertaining than the film itself.

Be it an uncounted number of retakes, deaths on the set, and the cops appearing uninvited, there’s a lot more which of course all of us are not aware of because it’s all behind the screen.

So, to give you an insight of some of the coolest things happened on some of the famous Hollywood movies sets all you have to do is read below.

1. Do you know that Cannibal Holocaust director had to prove to media and court that no one was killed and they’re alive during the filming.

2. Just because the director of the film wanted to cast someone who is not so handsome he casted Ryan Gosling in the film Notebook.

3. In order to create Smaug’s lair more appealing in the Hobbit, the crew used all the gold paint available in the New Zealand, and they have to import it further from Germany.

4. Cops visited the sets of Borat more than 91 times during the shoot.

5. Producers of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie The Hercules actually auctioned its rights on eBay for $555,000.

6. Thanks to Benicio del Toro Farting, all of the cast was supposed to be serious throughout the lineup in Usual Suspects, but they ended laughing.

7. In Slumdog Millionaire, the dump pile in which Jamal jumps was actually made of chocolate and peanut butter. Delicious Isn’t?

8. To provide the viewers something new, director of the Fifth Element invented a whole new language to be spoken by Leeloo.

9. In case you didn’t know, the character of Aladin was modelled after Tom Cruise.

10. The first film to be nominated for portraying two people for the same character at Oscar awards was Titanic.

11. An amount of $21,429 was paid to Arnold Schwarzenegger for every single word in the Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

12. E.T.’s face was modelled after a pug, Albert Einstein and Carl Sandburg.

13. Due to low funds director of film Mad Max had to offer his own vehicle to use it for one of stunt scenes.

14. X-Men two lead actors Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart didn’t know how to play chess, and they learned it especially for the movie.

15. If you thought that the gadget used by Liam Nesson in Star Wars Episode 1was a high tech device than to break your thoughts it was just a sensor from the excel razor used by women.

16. During the Mount Scene in the Passion of the Christ Jim Caviezel was actually struck by lightning.

17. While making the film, Zodiac Robert Downey Jr. was so exhausted that he left jars of his urine and puke all around the set to show his form of protest.

Now you have an idea that movies look as interesting behind the scenes as they appear on the screens.

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