10 Ways Through Which Humanity Can Be Wiped Out

Humanity is under threat from the actions that we take towards the environment such as Ocean acidification or Nuclear holocaust, but these are the things that we can control if we wish to do so.

There are other events like Gamma Ray Burst or Mega Tsunami in which we can not do anything. Whatsoever the reason may be, there are such 10 horrid events which have the definite potential to wipe out the whole humanity.

1. Gamma Ray Burst

In another 10 thousand years it is predicted that Wolf-Rayet Star WR 104 will explode in a hypernova and will produce gamma rays that will wipe out the entire Earth. Though the star is 8,000 light years away from the Sun.

2. Rouge Planet Collision

If 100 million years ago a collision with earth can form the moon then what would happen in the future if something similar happens?

3. Alien Invasion

How often we have seen alien invasion scenes in movies, and we have left awestruck by their capabilities? Hopefully, something, in reality, has not yet observed but what if one day some alien ship decide to use their higher technology to destroy the whole planet.

4. Acidification of Oceans

Thanks to us, the level of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere is increasing and slowing down the pH balance in the oceans. Once the acidification will be done the entire ocean’s surface will turn acidic causing mass extinction.

5. The Red Giant

No one can anticipate the power that the Sun possess and what if that huge yellow sun turns into a red giant having the power to engulf the entire earth.

6. Asteroid Collision

It has been proved that 66 million years ago the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by the Chicxulub asteroid. If asteroids like these hit the earth again than just like dinosaurs the whole humanity will go extinct.

7. Antibiotic Apocalypse

Many traditional medicines have become of no use due to the evolution of the bacteria into superbugs. If they keep mutating at the similar rate, then these smaller size organisms would kill the healthiest of us.

8. Mega Tsunami

What Tsunami did to Japan is not hidden and what it is doing in other parts of the world. But what if these small Tsunamis turned into a mega one? Suppose a size of 1,000 feet. It will be the end of every single organism on the land and water.

9. Nuclear Holocaust

Today, all over the world, we have more than 15,000 nuclear weapons, and all of them are modernized enough to cause enough destruction. It could easily cause vast destruction if there is one blast occurred with a nuclear arsenal what of all of them blasted at the same time?

10. Artifical Intelligence

The topic of AI has always considered as a hot one among debaters. According to many tech wizards, AI is one the biggest mistake by human minds. While it will be extremely extraordinary at completing tasks it also possesses the capacity to wipe out enitre humanity if somehow it turns rougue.

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