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20 Mind-boggling Geographical Facts Which You Probably Didn’t Know

We have always heard that the Earth is a mysterious place to live in. It consists so many mysteries that it will take whole human life to unveil them.

But as we know that technology has proven us wrong more than we expect. With the help of technology and humanitarian efforts, there are many geographical facts that we are able to know about the planet Earth.

Some of them are amazing and scary at the same time. Read and decide your own how you would like to categorize these 20 mind-boggling geographical facts.

1. Mount Everest is not the highest mountain when measured from the center of Earth, Chimborazo is.

2. Anna Creek Station used as a home for cattle is known as the largest ranch in the world, and also it’s bigger in size from Israel.

To maintain the area of 6,000,000 acres light aircraft and drill bikes are used.

3. Midfield line in a stadium of Brazil plays a role for players to play for two different hemispheres of the Earth as the line lies exactly on the Equator.

4. Yellowstone surface consists a volcanic system that holds lava which can fill Grand Canyon more than 10 times.

5. Do you know that you can choose to be in any of these 4 states, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, just by taking one step.

6. World’s half of the population lives within the circle shown in the image, and that portion covers only a tiny section of world named China/Southeast Asia and India.

7. In Canada, there is a lake having an island, and on that island, there is another small lake which consists of another island, and there is another small lake on that island having another island situated.

8. Antartica is the World’s largest desert.

9. Currently, the dead sea is 429 meters below sea level, and it is constantly sinking by 1 meter per year.

10.  There is only one country in the world, Kiribati a.k.a The Republic of Kiribati, situated in southern, northern, eastern, western hemispheres.

11. Two caves, one in Vietnam and another in China, have their own independent weather system due to their massive size.

12. We all know that the Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world, but one unknown fact about the Pacific is if someone dives towards the core and travel through it to come out on opposite side then they would still find themselves in the Pacific Ocean.

13. The distance between Miami and Seattle is shorter than the length of Australia’s Dingo fence, i.e., 3,500 miles.

14. While the Himalayan Ranges are growing continuously, the mountains of the Appalachian are shrinking.

15. Point Nemo also known as spacecraft cemetery in the Pacific Ocean is considered as the farthest point that can be accessible by any terrestrial life and that’s why it is used to sink decommissioned space crafts, space stations.

16. Three massive earthquakes measured as 8 on the Richter scale in 1811 and 1812 created a lake in Tennessee which is known as Reelfoot Lake today.

17. Glaciers store 75% of fresh water available on the Earth, and Lake Baikal in Russia contains more than 20% of the non-frozen water on our planet.

18. One can easily experience different time zones in Russia due to its massive size. If there is 7 am on the one side of Ruthan then on the other side, it’s 6 pm on the clock.

19. Mauritius Chamarel plain has a small area made up of seven different colors sands.

20. With the time difference of 21 hours and mile difference of 2.1 Diomed islands are owned by two different countries. One is owned by America and another one by Russia.

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