12 Truths About Heath Ledger’s Joker

Every year Hollywood praises few cinematic performances in the form of awards.

One of these honored performances was of late Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Night. His performance stole enormous praise which includes posthumous academy award for best-supporting actor.

But one thing that many of us didn’t realize is how deep Ledger dove to channel the mastery in the super villain role.

Check these 12 things that you may not know about the eminent actor who portrayed the maniac monster role of Gotham City, the Joker.

1. To get into the character of Joker, Ledger adopted a methodical approach which helped him to delve deep into the psychology of the character.

To do this ledger locked himself in a hotel room for more than six weeks where all he did was mastering the lines and voice of Joker.

2. Two scenes of Joker that we have seen in the movie was directed by Ledger himself; one was when he took reporter Mike Engel hostage and forced him to read his statement, another one was when he tortured a fake batman to terrorize the city.

3. The two actors, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Caine, completely forgot their lines and got scared as well when they saw Ledger with makeup for the first time on sets.

4. Ledger himself created his make design because according to him his character wouldn’t allow someone else to apply makeup for him.

His face makeup was inspired by the character in the movie The Crow.

5. One of the iconic scenes from the movie when Ledger starts clapping on the news of Gordon’s promotion was not actually in the script but the director, Nolan, liked it so much that he didn’t interrupt in between the shot and filmed it in continuation.

6. To make the character more appealing, he did many things, but one thing that many of us misunderstood was the way he licks his lips. In reality, he did that to make his mouth moist and to help him in speaking in the voice required.

7. Yes, he took the character very serious, but he was a jolly person in his personal life. Crew people admitted that many times he just skateboard around set in his costume having fun with everyone possible.

8. He actually requested the Batman to beat him in real and as hard as possible so that to make the scene look more authentic.

9. The name plate on the costume he wore during the hospital scene says, ‘Matilda,’ was no coincidence, he chose that name specifically to pay tribute to his daughter.

10. The time when Ledger was announced for the role of Joker in media, he received a lot of criticism from the fans and critics due to his age and experience in similar roles.

11. Aside from the fact that he locked himself in a motel to get into the character, he also spent several months training with a vocal coach to sound better in dialogues.

12. To pay tribute to the legendary actor, Nolan decided to spend time in the editing process of the film instead of sparing time to mourn.


Though the actor is not with us, he will always be remembered through his acting.

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