15 Amazing Photography Hacks To Help You To Turn Into A Professional Photographer

With all kinds of fancy gadgets available at different prices, photography has become a new passion for everyone, right?

From clicking filtered images of objects, nature, to selfies, smartphones have helped us to turn into photographers.

But what we don’t know is some of the technicalities involved while doing photography.

Everyone love to have perfect pictures and that’s why there is the DIY way to click some amazing photographs instead of buying those costly gears.

Check these 15 DIY hacks that will help you give the professional touch to your pictures:

1. Force Perspective

2. Top-Down Shots

In order to have this amazing photograph clicked,

You’ll just have to do this

3. Your own macro studio can help you having amazing shots

4. No need to buy those expensive tripods when you can make your own

5. A plastic bag can help you have some amazing photographs when you use them as a diffuser.

6. Special shape effect

Cut your own favorite shape and attach it to the front of your lens before taking a shot and you will witness the magic.

7. Shadow Effects

Effects like these help you to get the feel of outdoor shooting even when you’re shooting indoor.

8. Filter Effects

Attaching some colorful bags to your DSLR can give you this kind of photographs.

9. Blurry Effect with Vaseline

10. Product Photography with black tile.

11. Colorful Filters with the help of tape and sketch pens.

12. Hair dryer effect

13. Matchstick Effect

14. Haze Effect

15. White Sheet Effect

So now you have 15 DIY hacks to make you feel like a professional photographer, use them and click your amazing photographs.

Also, don’t forget to tag Mastertrix in your pictures, the best photographs will be featured in our next article.


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