6 New Age Professions Which Proves Possibilities Are Endless When Creativity Rules

Long gone those days when someone asked you what’s your profession and your answer wasn’t ‘Engineer’, ‘MBA’, ‘Banker’ or ‘Doctor’ mattered.

IT boom, new professions and a lot more has happened since then. What seems fascinating is people have become bolder in choosing their professions that give them more joy of exploring and creating the life they wish to have.

One thing we can be assured of is we are moving towards a creative world with the type of professions people have started opting and this also proves that we are not an individual of sceptics and naysayers.

Check these 6 Professions which have the endless possibilities of creativity and success.

1. Bitcoin Accountant

World’s leading virtual currency, Bitcoin, has become a form of investment today. It’s a taxable commodity giving you the facility to buy goods and services online and do a lot more things as well at the same time.

The currency has crossed the mark of $3000 which also proves at the same time the long term benefits one can prevail by investing in it.

So, if you’re a commerce person than it’s the perfect time for you to make a career as a Bitcoin Accountant.

2. Bot Mechanic

Engineering field has always left a record to create some awesome professions out of it. Be it entertainment, forensics, mechanics, robotics or AI; the scope is lot more.

So, if you’re an aspiring engineer, then you have ample of opportunities to play with, and you never know that tomorrow you would become a bot mechanic for a sci-fi movie maker or top gaming companies.

3. Dance Therapist

Dance is one medicine which always helps us to connect the body and mind together. No matter what mood we are in dance gives us all the relaxation we need.

This kind of profession has become a trend in past few years, but not many are good in this. So if feel passionate about your dance and the help you can do with that then you should certainly consider pursuing this as a profession.

4. Digital Architect

If creative thinking happens to be your forte, then you should definitely leave that sales representative or tele-caller 9-to-5 job and start giving the idea of being a digital architect. The key requirement you should have is technological tactics to turn the customer experience stats into profits.


5. Youtube Comedian

How often have you subscribed to youtube channels to stay updated with any new video of your favourite comedian? Apart from watching those videos if you think that you too can break one-liners, jokes and write funny scripts easily and that comes naturally from you then without waiting longer, you should start recording your own videos.

No doubt, it’s an easiest and excellent place to start, and there is no need to mention how convenient it is.

6. White Hat Hacker

A White hat hacker is a wanted entity especially if he/she is experienced. The name in itself is so cool that it gives enough energetic vibes to start learning the things needed to be a hacker.


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