12 Reasons To Turn Your Phones Notifications Off for a Better Life.

Thanks to the technology advancement we have the accessibility to almost everything through an app on our smartphones. And with that facility, we have not only become lazy we have become rude, egoistic and self-centric by the time.

The reason behind all these is that we have forgotten how amazing and interactive our lives used to be before we got involved ourselves into phones.

Check these 12 reasons on why there is need to turn your phone’s notifications off to have a better life.

1. You check your phone for any notification for every other second.

your hands automatically grab your phone to check the expectations you had of having a flood of messages and notifications, and if there isn’t any, then you keep on thinking if all of your friends and family have forgotten you.

2. You have become app companies dream consumer.

3. You are always in a hustle to check which app first.

4. You got pissed off easily if no one is texting or calling you.

5. You have become a little bit egoistic.

6. You don’t want to hang out with people more because you have chatting stuff to do.

7. You rush for the things to be done at the end moment because you were so busy with the phone.

8. People around you start realising that the only thing you care is your phone.

and that’s the exact feeling they have to do with you and your phone.

9. Reading, eating, working all you have to do is with your phone.

Okay! It’s important to save trees and paper, but you have taken that thing a bit seriously.

10. You have forgotten what actual sleep means.

11. People around you keep complaining of whom you are so busy with.

12. This is what you start feeling after some time for yourself.


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