To Avoid Spoilers HBO is Shooting Multiple Endings for Game of Thrones

This year one thing that was for sure in buzz for the game of thrones was its episode leak news apart from the memes and the spoiler theories.

It was the first time when official websites of HBO got hacked as well.

Apart from those who pirate leak links, real fans doesn’t like spoilers that much.


Even after the monetary loss due to leak episodes, showrunners decided not to disappoint their fans in the future. And to maintain the cult status of GoT, the directors are ready to go to any lengths so that the suspense would not be spoiled and they will deliver to the marks of their fans’ expectations.

They have taken the leak thing this much serious that they have decided to shoot multiple endings for Season 8 Finale.

According to the HBO’s president statement at a talk show of Bethlehem Pennsylvania’s Moravian College, it is difficult to keep something unveiled when you’re shooting outdoor because people know about it.

But shooting multiple versions will leave everyone in a split to come to a definite end, even the actors wouldn’t be able to have a clue as to what will be the real ending and what their character’s ultimate fate would result in to.

Speaking of the mess that was created by episode leaks, it’s absolutely fair that the directors and producers of the show have decided to take such steps. After all, the season 8 will be the ultimate finale, and it will be aired after 2 years in 2019. There will be no fun if we get to see it before.

Having said that, it would be a real fun watching the no. of fake endings HBO will shoot. In October the shooting will begin, but the official airing dates aren’t out yet.

Let us know what you think about this move of HBO in the comment section below.

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