Time To Rejoice as Google Chrome Video Autoplay is About the End

No more downloads for Auto-play disable extension in Google Chrome

After a lot of hustle by the Google Chrome users regarding auto-play videos there is finally some resolution to the problem. Recently, a software engineer at Google, Mounir Lamouri, wrote on one of the Chrome’s official blog that media will only auto-play the sound when it’s been shown as an interest in the media option by the user or else no sound won’t be played.

The users will be able to use this feature in the new update of chrome which will be known as Chrome 64.

Google Chrome is widely used by the US audience, having a market share of almost 44.5%.

Lamouri has also added in her blog that chrome 63 will also has an option, but that can be done for individual sites. So if you’re rid of the sound that always catches you off the guard, then you can shut it off. Better than muting the whole system sound.

The Google decided to make these changes after they started receiving various users complaints. Lamouri also wrote that one frequent user emailed them it is so much annoying when there is an unexpected media playback which consumes data and power as well apart from the noises it makes while browsing.

However, Google Chrome has not decided yet to stop auto-playing videos because that will largely affect the business of both Google and other companies. Many companies use videos as an advertisement option to advertise and earn money at the same time from Ad Sense.

But Wait You can do this now as well.

Though this works for one tab at a time, it can be done by right click an open tab and then just select the mute tab option.

The date is tentative, but users can expect the autoplay-silencing update to be released on January 23, 2018.

Apple’s Safari is about to introduce the similar feature in next version which will debut on September¬†25, 2017. Safari has a market share of 25% as reported by Digital Analytics Program.

Happy muting to all, though the wait is for 4 months.


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