Want to Become More Smarter? Follow These 20 Things Everyday and You Will Be.

Long gone those days when people believe that intelligence is only limited to those who have a high I.Q, now researchers have come up with various such methods that can help an individual to boost his/her cognitive abilities and the result will be much fruitful when compared at professional and personal pursuits.

With enough determination and motivation, anyone can become smarter by expanding their mental capabilities. Providing yourself proper stimulation as well as integrating new habits to your routine can sharpen your intellect quickly, giving you the enough capacity for each day to take new challenges.

The list below emphasises on the best brain-engaging activities that you can easily incorporate into your daily lives.

1. Inviting Creativity

To strengthen the brain and to create new neural pathways, it’s critical for people to incorporate new experiences and information continuously into their lives. You will definitely find yourself looking forward towards quiet moments alone in the long run while in the short run you might feel all these useless.

2. Explore New Places

Displacement is always good for the brain, so whether exploring means for you to take a different route to work, studying in a new cafe, travelling to a whole new, different country or doing some crazy adventurous stuff all are best till the time your brain is feeding all this as a refreshment.

I know what question pops in your mind right now!

How is the hell exploring new places related to becoming smarter?

Well, it does relate. Over the time doing the same stuff gives the habit of expecting to our brain. But when you explore new places your brain has a whole new thing to feed. It’s not working on its usual mode, and that helps you to think differently and also increases your brain capacity to adopt new situations.

3. Education

Yes, Education is one of the best time, energy and money investment you should make to become smarter. Through the time we grew up, we start underestimating our ability to learn new skills and concepts, and that’s a major drawback.

Keep challenging yourself to take some creative classes or academic ones as it will provide your brain with an opportunity to create new connections as well as build higher intelligence.

4. Read News

This is one activity that many of us hates to do, but it’s also one of those fruits which can reap you the maximum benefits.

Giving yourself half an hour daily in the morning to read a newspaper or news on your smartphone will help your brain to stay active for most of the time. It leaves your brain to churn new information daily and increases your knowledge areas.

5. Book Reading

Reading books help you to stretch your brains’ capacity, and your communication skills improve by the time including your grammar usage, vocabulary and well-written sentences.

But that’s the only plus point you get, no matter what type of book you read depending on your interests, book help to create big-picture connections between real life and literature increasing your imagination power the same time.

6. Find New Ways to Approach Work

Regardless of job type you hold, everyone is presented with ample of opportunities to think something new, something out of the box and contribute to the team with new ideas. It is important to relax instead of stressing on each problem and try to find out ways to reach the end goals.

7. Challenge Yourself

Like you do exercise to develop your muscles, your brain also needs some kind of exercise to grow and pushing it beyond its current capabilities.

With enough stretching and focus, the brain possesses that power to surprise people every single time.

8. Brain Train

Many organizations offer fantastic gaming activities to daily train the brain in the form of games and puzzles. These games are developed to push and retrain the brain itself and make decisions in a differentAnduncharted territory.

9. Each time you encounter problems then ask yourself 5 whys

Instead of worrying about the negative results the problem will form, try to solve it by a positive approach of asking yourself 5 questions of why. Why are you in this problem now? Why you’re afraid to solve this? Why are you not able to find any solution? and likewise. Asking questions gives you the answer as well.

10. Try to abandon technology to keep the brain in shape

If you’re wondering how this will help you because technology is something where everyone today is focusing on, but in many ways, the advancement and dependency on technology stunts the brain’s capacity towards the problem-solving approach, also it weakens the mentality to adapt to new environments. Try going somewhere without GPS and asking people for the way, try some maths problem without a calculator, you will see the results.

11. Fostering Creativity

Finger-painting in preschool was not only a fun activity; it helped open up the mind to new possibilities and ways of solving problems. An artistic mindset creates new opportunities to find new solutions, fresh inspiration, and peaceful confidence.

The blend of these elements in both personal and professional environments allows ordinary people to shine by becoming an innovative thinker and inventive leader. Find ways to incorporate creativity into the dull grind of daily tasks.

12. Draw


You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate the benefits of drawing, which cultivates brain activity in a unique way. In addition to nurturing basic hand-eye coordination, it sends synapses to neurotransmitters to help more permanently and vividly stores your memories. From doodles on a piece of scrap paper to charcoal portraits, drawing is a healthy brain activity for everyone.

13. Paint

Painting is an extension of drawing. It feeds the same areas of the brain, but unlike drawing, painting often introduces new and unfamiliar textures and colours to stimulate the brain. Painters often have a keen sense of awareness towards their surroundings. Engaging in painting encourages people to notice minute details of the world around them. Focusing the brain in this manner brings a heightened state of alertness

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