14 Memes That You Can Send to Your Mom Right Now

1. When Your mom calls your name and then give no reply on your response.

2. The exact reaction you have when you have to Eat something because your mom has made it.

3. But you have to wear them because your mom has chosen them.

4. Every Child has listened to this dialogue once in their lifetime.

5. Then why she called us if it was not ready?

6. And your whole dreams of looking cool just got shattered in a matter of seconds.

7. Every time you ask for some pocket money.

8. The only person in the world who’s allowed to text like this is mom.

9. Life advises you get every time you crack a joke.

10. Because 5 minutes means 5 hours.

11. You know when your mom says 2 things then the whole cart is about to get filled.

12. After all, mom knows it better than anyone else.

13. Because there are lots of secrets which if your mom gets to know then you’re dead.

14. Because We all love our Mom!

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