8 Reasons Why Buying an EV is The Best Choice One Can Make!

Companies like Tesla, Nissan and many more are announcing their strategies for Electric Vehicles, and many countries are focusing on incentivizing EVs.

Electric vehicles provide a level of comfort and savings to public and the continuous advancement and progress led to reducing cost price and improved battery life of models.

Companies have worked on all the ranges to give the customers best satisfaction. With the pocket saving promises, the cars are made in such a way that entices prospective buyers making them close the deal of buying an electric car.

Panoz and Green4U GT-EV

Here are some reasons which might help a buyer to make his decision of buying an electric car more concrete.

Low on Maintenance and Inexpensive to operate

Since the EVs run on electricity, the cost of running them is lesser over the time when you compare them with any other vehicle which runs on oil. Additionally, as the electric cars have less number of parts unlike vehicles that work on oil, the total cost of operation and repair is reduced to be a fraction of what a person requires while using an internal combustion engine.

Also, EVs have less number of parts that vehicles running on oil contain, therefore, reducing the total cost of operation and repair maintenance which needs regular attention due to the heat and other engine combustion issues.

You won’t have to bother such matters like transmission hassles, oil change and so on in the case of EVs.

Tax Saving

Many Government policies provide incentives on the purchase of EVs that could range up to $5000. Later on, battery prices also get decreased over time and with new advancement in every quarter the prices are likely to decline.

Reduced Prices for Electric Cars

Technological advancements in automotive always help the middle-class people because they can afford the cars due to the price reduction of old models.

It’s a sweet deal for any EV buyer to make the dream of driving an electric vehicle come true.

Infrastructure Growth

Governments and Civic Societies around the world have taken some big steps in providing infrastructure and such facilities for easing out the adoption of EVs. New advanced and nearby charging stations have been set up, and new plans have been laid for moving charging stations so that drivers can be on the move for most of the time.

This move has helped in growing number EV sales around the world. Some of the cars even have a system that helps the driver plan a trip to ensure charging is not the problem.

Over the year Software Updates

Just like the smartphones have their software upgrades, these electric cars have software systems that can be upgraded with the help of internet to give you a glitch-free performance. This led to append subtle aspects of car tuning.

Self-driving Capabilities

Most of the automobile giants have launched their EV models that come up with an adding feature of self-driving capabilities. The car software system will become smarter as the new level of the tech ads up in the upcoming time. This feature will help the users to take assistance from the software in certain tasks. 

Environment Friendly

One of the major benefits of having an EV is it helps in maintaining the ecosystem. Apart from the fact that these cars save a lot of energy and money over the time, it also replaces the need of burning of fossil fuels, and they can be used for other purposes.How you can Make Your Car Environment Friendly

EVs don’t emit any exhaust and are powered by charging the batteries, dissipating only heat. So, one doesn’t have to worry about the emissions such as Carbon Monoxide and such gases. This makes these cars a perfect fit for the future.

Widespread use of these vehicles may help in reducing global warming levels, smog and smoke levels which have become a serious matter of discussion these days.

With so many reasons and benefits to reap out from an EV, it is certainly necessary that a person should consider buying these cars.


This model S(P90D) of Tesla can go to 100km in just 2.7 seconds from zero, which is for sure not available option in standard cars and many supercars. So. the EVs are not just savings and energy efficient, but they also retain the competitiveness which is found in the top-end sports car.

Electric vehicles are the best future option, thus investing in an EV is no doubt a beneficial choice.




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