Planning for a Road Trip? Don’t Forget To Take These Things.

Taking a car trip for a holiday seems like a thrilling prospect. The excitement of the journey feels wonderful and promises to be great fun. A road trip is made even more exciting if the roads are some of the best in the UAE. If that is the kind you have in mind, you can plan your trip to go around some of the best roads in the UAE. But, as is said all the time by everyone before going on a road trip, it is important to check for the car’s maintenance before leaving. Car maintenance is an important prospect and is much needed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

It’ll be no fun if you are stranded in the middle of the road or your A/C stops in the middle of the road. To avoid all such issues, it’ll be a good idea to check out and refill some important fluids in the car like, engine oil, brake oil etc.; Once you’re all set, there are some items you should keep in the car at all times, for dealing with all kinds of situations in the case of an accident. Since one should travel keeping essentials only, this article talks about that in a simplified manner. These are the essentials you should keep in the car while on a road trip or otherwise too:

Spare Tire and Jack

A puncture can happen at any place, and although you can drive a car with tubeless tires even after a puncture, it is not a good idea to do it. So, it is important to keep a spare tire in the car and make sure is just as inflated. It will make no sense if the vehicle’s spare tire is deflated too.

Things to Carry While Going for a Road Trip

But, to change the tire, a jack is required. It holds the car at a fixed level so you can quickly change the vehicle’s tire. The jack should be in a proper working condition and should be according to the car’s weight specification. Using a small weight tolerance jack on a heavy car can be dangerous.

But while you can change the punctured tire in a while, make a point to stop and get the puncture corrected as your replacement needs to be present at all times, especially in rocky terrains.


Things to Carry While Going for a Road Trip

This is one of the most necessary and yet essential items to carry in the car. Despite mobile phones having flashlights, a proper flashlight should be stowed in the car. A good flashlight will not only have a higher viewing distance but will also save important mobile battery. In a possible case of a car breakdown or in the event of being stranded, a torch will be helpful. But don’t forget that extra batteries need to be kept too. Also, torches can be used for giving out SOS signals, thus calling in aid in any unruly situation.

Booster or Jumper Cables

Do you Know How to Jump Start Your Car?

A dead car battery is an unfortunate mishap to happen, especially around the trips. Cruising while in the desert region may lead to battery needing a boost. Jumper cables are a basic requirement and are helpful in reviving battery. If you don’t know how to charge the car battery, this handy guide will help you with it.

Basic Food Rations

Things to Carry While Going for a Road Trip

A car isn’t the only seen thing that needs sustenance, and hence, some essential food items and water are an important requirement. Since desert is usually sunny, one should consume a good amount of fluids to keep hydrated. It might take some time for help to arrive if there are issues with the car, and you’d need to stay focused for which the rations will come in handy.

First Aid Kit

Things to Carry While Going for a Road Trip

Every car has a first aid kit present when the car is new. But make sure to restock it or to check the expiry date before going on a trip. First Aid kit’s importance can never be undermined. It might be required at any time and hence is an important item to keep before going on a road trip.

GPS or Maps

Things to Carry While Going for a Road Trip

Before going on a trip, no matter where the location; it is a smart idea to carry a GPS or Maps. Navigation system helps tell about the traffic, distance, and other useful information. The chances of getting lost in the desert will statistically decrease if you have a good GPS or maps to help guide you. It’ll also help you plan the distance if you are running low on fuel and for some other repairs.

Tire Sealant

Things to Carry While Going for a Road Trip

We discussed the need to keep a spare tire and knowing how to change it. But, in the situation that even the spare tire is punctured, a tire sealant will allow you to drive the car till you reach a service station. This allows the person some room and avoids any adverse situation.

Owner manual

Things to Carry While Going for a Road Trip

An owner manual is necessary to understand features of the car and to know what are the probable causes for any issue within the car. Every car mechanic or carmaker asks to keep the vehicle manual at all times. It also comes in handy if you are someone who knows about the car’s basic information and can perform some repair using the owner manual’s guidance.


Things to Carry While Going for a Road Trip

It is always advisable to carry a blanket or a pair of warm clothes to keep yourself stay warm if you’re planning to visit a hilly place or a place when where air gets quite

The desert air at night can get quite cold and hence, it is advisable to carry a blanket or two along with a pair of clothes so you can stay warm, or need a change of clothes. The Middle East has varying weather, and you should pack according to the location you are going to.

Battery /Mobile Phone /Power Bank

Things to Carry While Going for a Road Trip

Make sure you have charged your phone to full before you leave for any road trip. No matter, which company smartphone you are using, the battery might drain at a faster pace, it is always a wise idea to carry an extra battery/mobile phone(if possible)/ Power bank. This not only helps you to avoid depending upon the car battery for charging but also gives you the option to use it in any other emergencies as you will use your phone for GPS purpose as well; it’s important to have all the options available in hand.

So now you know all the stuff you need to carry on a road trip! Bon Voyage!

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