Want Better Understanding of Humans and Life? Watch These 11 Movies and Witness The Change.

Whosoever said movies are just for entertainment was definitely wrong. Watching films can change your mind in many ways. They can accompany you in your loner days, or they can help you in having a better understanding of life.

Films can also broaden your perspective about subtle realities and life of the world.

Every year there are a thousand of movies that release all over the world, but only a few of them makes to be at the top when it comes to building fan audience.

Here is a list of 11 movies which can surely help you to have a better understanding of Humans and life, make sure you bookmark all of them.

1. Shawshank Redemption

Based on Stephen Kings’ book, Shawshank Redemption is a brilliantly made film. Apart from the plot it has, most amazing and praised thing by the audience is the Red and Andy’s chemistry and their unbreakable faith and the bond in each other.

2. Forrest Gump

The movie has the potential to leave you in tears by the end. It gives out a pure sublime message of innocent faith in people even after their flaws which in the end helps you to achieve a higher success level.

3. Fight Club

One of the brilliant pieces I have come across explaining to what extent a human can go in order to accomplish his/her goal. Also, the movie shows the two sides of Human Psyche.

4. Cast Away

If you have any doubt on how to use the power of perseverance and patience in life than this movie should be top on your list. The movie plot also teaches one about how a person can keep going ahead in life by keeping memories of someone they love.

5. The Godfather

A perfect way to earn the respect of your followers and their trust is what you can witness in this film. One important message the film gives is, help those who are in trouble but don’t look back even if someone is trying to disrupt you in your process just to put you down.

6. A Beautiful Mind

The movie tells us that you can get far ahead in your life with dedication, devotion, and commitment to doing what you do best.

7. Scarface

This movie gives you a reality check of what all can happen if you are greedy, ego-oriented and think of yourself above the law.

8. American Beauty

A film which plot revolves around inferiority complex, anxiety and guilt after realizing that something wrong has done.

9. The Shining

The movie depicts the power of evil hallucination and the extent a person might go to fulfill his/her fantasies.

10. The Usual Suspects

The story of the movie shows how different a human being could think to help and solve a greater issue for someone.

11. Captain Phillips


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