5 Tips You Should Remember About Caring for Your Motorcycle

If you’re a motorcycle lover you will know how important it is to maintain your beloved motorcycle to make sure that there are no performance issues of any sort.

Being a practical and convenient vehicle, your motorcycle saves you from certain issues while you’re on road providing you the ease of riding and much-needed maneuverability.

A lot of people wish to have motorycles as their vehicle for variety of travels and there is no debate in that why they choose to opt that.

We all have seen how biker rallies go into large numbers and events related to bike stunts and shows. That is something which car owners haven’t been able to beat yet.

Furthermore, nodoubt, maintenance cost need for motorcycles is lesser than what is needed in case of cars. Although, while it is economical, some people tend to neglect this.

It is most important to keep an eye on the bikes maintenance front frequently.

Here are some useful daily tips that will help you to keep your vehicle in the best form.

Annual Review

One should keep an eye on their motorcycle to have a complete and comprehensive annual review every year and that too from someone who is certified in their skills. It’s always better to opt for an accredited mechanic instead of some roadside shop just for the sake of cost as it will benefit you in the long-term.

A good thing about having your motorcycle serviced from a certified service center is the assurity you get for the usage of genuine quality parts only.

Monitor the Tires

The performance and the mileage of the bike is inherently dependent on its tires and engine. One of the simplest tips for any vehicle, and yet neglected one, is getting the tires’ air checked and filled every few days to maintain How the motorcycle performs and the mileage of the bike is highly dependent upon the engine and tires. Although one of the simplest maintenance tips for motorcycles, even then most people fail to get air checked and filled in due time. This saves extra load on the engine and even increases the average fuel consumption.

Under-inflated and overinflated motorcycle tires are less stable, create pressure on engine and also decrease the average fuel consumption, as improper grip causes more pressure on the motorcycle’s engine. This in turn consumes more fuel.

It’s also advised that a person checks the surface of the tire looking for any holes, cracks or any type of wear that might cause unsafe driving situations. Driving with tires which have been worn out is a reckless and irresponsible thing to do.

Oil Changes

One more essential aspect of keeping your motorcycle healthy is by appropriately changing the engine oil at regular intervals. Based on the motorcycle’s design and make, it’s necessary to change the engine oil every 5,000-10,000 km.

Generally, people opt for oil change when they go for their motorcycle’s annual service. Although, it should be based on your commute pattern. In summers, more oil is consumed, while in winters, lesser oil is consumed. Hence, this has to be regulated. Motorcycle’s age as well as type of oil being used gives an estimation for when you should change the oil.

Synthetic oils are expensive but are more efficient, although modern engines are considered as more efficient too.

In addition to it, liquid coolant protects the engine and is required to be replaced in every two years.


Speed is a multidimensional factor to consider. A key reason is that vehicles these days mark the economy speeds at which the motorcycle performance is optimal for normal driving and promises better fuel consumption and durability.

When the vehicle is new, you should keep it within the stipulated limit set by manufacturer to allow the bike’s parts to acclimatise as per the conditions.

Instead of giving sudden acceleration, give it subtly in a stable form to prevent extra load on the engine.

When on smooth, well built roads, it’s important to realise the speed limit and moreover, the capabilities of the motorcycle.

General Clean-up

All the parts of your motorcycle are important, and that includes the body too.

People bother cleaning the motorcycle in initial days and after some time, let it be.

Properly cleaning up the motorcycle is important since it prevents accumulation of rust or dust from negligence.

Deep cleaning the vehicle every few days rids it of accumulation of any substance that might hamper the life of the motorcycle.

A motorcycle is our choice of vehicle and a reliable partner in the commutes and bike trips. With such maintenance trips, it’s easy to care for the motorcycle.

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