Maybe It’s Time People Know How To Drive Around Motorcycles

It’s quite easy for cars and other four-wheel drivers to forget that just about everyone on the road along side them has just as the same level of protection, which they have while traversing around to any place. Every time a motorcycle rider goes out on the road, they are at more of a risk as compared to the car drivers. Around the world, bikers are part of a large number of accidents. And while they aren’t right always, but they aren’t wrong always too and end up getting hurt because of a car driver driving recklessly.

As per Motorcycle Safety Foundation(MSF), in over a greater part of half motorcycle crashes, four wheelers are to be blamed. Hence, it is important for car drivers to educate themselves over how to safely navigate the road when in the vicinity of bikers.

These are some of the easy tips that a person can follow for ensuring trouble-free and safe driving.

  1. Know the patterns of riding a motorcycle

    Motorcyclists riding on the road usually swerve within the lane they are in. It’s a general misconception that most riders do it for the sake of fun, however, there are two good reasons this is done.
    The first reason is that it increases and improves their visibility on the road.

    Then, the other reason is that the motorcycle rider might be trying to avoid the obstacles on the road. An example of this can be taken like this, while a pothole may not seem much of a trouble for a car, but, for a motorcycle, which has a lighter frame and thinner wheels, it might cause imbalance and serious trouble at the end of it.

  2. Closer than it appears to be

    When a car is being driven near a motorcycle, it seems as if the motorcycle is farther than it actually is. This misconception stems from the fact that a motorcycle is smaller than a car. When leaving the driveway or clearing an intersection, always assume that a motorcycle in the vicinity is closer than it appears to be.

  3. Look before turning or merging

    The number one cause for any motorcycle fatality is when a car turns directly in front of a motorcyclist. Before turning, look around the car, especially if it’s an intersection. Cars are easy to look out for, but bikes make it more challenging so look carefully.

    Be aware of any bikes in the immediate vicinity while merging onto a highway or a road; merging car drivers should always yield to oncoming traffic. The vehicle drivers who merge without looking are not only dangerous to other vehicle drivers but also to motorcyclists who have been driving in the other lane.

  4. Notice your blind spots regularly

    Since motorcycles are smaller and thinner than cars, it is easier for them to somehow slip into the blind spot of a vehicle, especially if they end up tailgating. Before taking a turn, make sure you check the sides using the side and rear view mirror on all sides as a motorcyclist might try to pass and due to them being in a blind spot, may end up colliding when you suddenly turn without checking.

  5. Expect a lack of visual cues

    When motorcyclists stop, the car driver behind them may not get a visual warning either in due time or otherwise. For example, if they roll off the throttle or downshift, the brake light doesn’t really kick on. As a car driver, expect the rider to stop even if the brake light shows no sign of it.


  1. Keep a gradual safe distance

    A sound personal rule is to keep a gap of at least 4 seconds between any vehicle ahead of you and your car(this goes for both a car or a bike). If the weather is bad, put even more distance between the vehicle in front and yourself. This will avoid any misfortunate event from happening if the person driving/riding ahead brakes suddenly.

These six simple points will help equip you to ride motorcycles in a safe way.

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