This Timelapse from a 30-Day Journey of A Cargo Ship is Something You Will Never See in Lifetime

Ever dreamed of leaving all behind and just head off to live a life full of exploration and adventure that too only by just sailing the vast and open oceans?

Alas, most of people dream of their life to be a sailor but only a few of them makes their dream come true.

But thanks to people like Jeffery Tsang, a maritime vlogger from Canada, photographer and sailor on a container ship that travels across the globe.

He has described his latest video as” 80,000 photos combined to give you a 30 Days of Timelapse”. Adding to that he also described his unique feeling and experience and his hope to capture things like this in future as well.

The amazing time-lapse takes us on a journey starting from the Red Sea then moving across the Indian Ocean to Hong Kong via the ports of Singapore and Colombo. The views captured are simply stunning. “Witnessing the ever-changing temperature and weather, chasing the endless horizon, and appreciating the galaxies and bright stars” is how Jeffery describes his journey and life on the high seas.

In the video, you will see glimpses of Jupiter and Milky Way in the endlessly vast night skies, ferocious lightning storms and stunning sunrises, as well as the short video of the mega Tetris game played at the port as the huge container ship is unloaded and reloaded for the next journey.

Jeffery also mentions his camera that is used for this video i.e. Nikon D750 and a use of massive 1.5 terabytes of data.

Watch the mesmerizing video on full screen for an immersive experience, and live out your dreams as the sailor you never were.



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