13 Ways You’re Screwing Up Your Computer

No, We are not judging anyone here over their knowledge about computers and devices but one thing you all have to agree is, people are screwing up their computers constantly.

Some PC problems are due to hardware failures, just exactly your dishwasher or microwave might fail due to age or maybe a factory defect.

Sometimes, however, the problems are different mainly caused because of our mistakes. Like, we put off a regular computer maintenance task because we think of this as a useless or time-consuming task or we tell ourselves that we’ll do it next week instead.

Regardless of excuses you make on the ignorant-to-procrastinating scale, these 13 points will remind you of some of the important things you can do so that you don’t end up screwing your computer!

1. You are not Backing Up Your Data Continuously

2. You have not updated your antivirus software

3. You are not patching your software right away

4. Your passwords are not that much strong

5. You are still stuck to Windows XP

6. You’re downloading the wrong stuff

7. You are probably running left junk installed

8. Your hard drive is filled up with the needless files

9.¬†You’re Not Defragging On a Regular Basis

10. You have let your computer piled up with the stack of dust

11. You’re trying to fix problems which you probably have no idea about

12. You’re not asking for HELP at the right time

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