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10 Websites For Improving Your Website Google Ranking

Creating your website after buying a domain and hosting is definitely not going to get you, visitors, for reading your content. You need to market your website in order to get it visible on the internet and get increase your website Google ranking.

We all know that no one even clicks on the second-page results, forget about fifth and sixth, and getting listed on the first page is not that easy. You need to promote your content and create backlinks for your website to gain traffic from other websites and social media platforms.

There are 100+ websites and articles available on the web today to give you listings of tools and sites that you can use to create backlinks however only a few of them gives you quality information.

This list below is a sure shot method that you can use to improve your Google rankings and gain some traction in the form of visitors to your website.

# Google Url Submit:

Website Google Ranking

This is the Google’s official service to submit your blog URL and ask Google to consider it for ranking on the basis of its parameters. One can use this tool to get their blogs crawled as soon as they have published them which helps to gain a lot of traffic to the website as well.

# Google Webmaster tool:

Website Google Ranking

Another service provided by Google itself is the Google Webmaster tool which helps the owners of website and blogs to submit their sitemap. This will ensure that Google crawls your website and all the URLs present in the website. It also helps you to analyze your structured and unstructured data and rectify the 404 errors by uploading the disavow files.

# Bing Webmaster tool:

Website Google Ranking

Just like Google tools, Bing allows you to submit your URL to Bing’s Webmaster Tool, which ensures that your website/blog is visible on Bing Search Engine as well.

# IMT Website Submitter

Website Google Ranking

One of the quickest ways to get initial traffic to your blog/website is the IMT Website Submitter. All you have to do is enter your URL of website/blog and the keyword you have used and then click on the submit button. Now you just have to wait for the tool to create more than 150+ links for you. Though the links might not result in giving you a lot of traffic as they say it’s always good to have something than nothing. If you have a quality blog then the tool submits your link to some of the top ranking websites having a good DA and PA which Google crawls every day. So yes, You can consider this as a bonus.

# Google plus:

Website Google Ranking

Like other social media platforms, Google Plus can also be a beneficial platform through which you can drive a lot of traffic if targeted correctly. One of the benefits of using a G+ profile is the PA of this platform always remains high.

# Pinterest:

Website Google Ranking

One of the top image-based social networking sites is Pinterest. When you create your profile on this platform you earn a high-quality backlink that too free. Moreover, it helps you increase your brand presence by sharing quality images and infographics which you can use to redirect traffic to your website.

# Twitter:

You can still drive a huge traffic to your blog/website considering the fact that Twitter posts are totally a No-Follow link, which means that no posts that you do on Twitter would be visible on search engines. The more followers you have on your Twitter account, better reach you will have for your posts which you can ultimately use to convert it into your website traffic.

# Reddit:

Website Google Ranking

Reddit can give you both No-Follow and Do-Follow link if you have provided a subreddit to your post after considering all the rules and regulations laid by that particular Reddit group. Reddit has its own moderators who have the authority to delete your post if it doesn’t meet the guidelines of the respective group. You need to get 5 upvotes for a Do-Follow link.

# Google Analytics:

Website Google Ranking

Though Google Analytics doesn’t allow you to submit your URL, it is very important to have your analytics account as it helps you in tracking your site stats like page views, real-time visitors and much more. Not only it helps you to connect with the community of analytics account user but also helps you to use custom made dashboards and funnels as per your need to boost traffic and sales accordingly.

# Facebook:

Website Google Ranking

Today everyone in the online industry knows that using Facebook for their business can help them drive a lot of traffic and potential customers if targeted correctly. Start your Facebook business by creating your business page and start promoting your content or products or services right away. Many bloggers, today who are acclaimed as top bloggers, in the industry started their journey from facebook only.

# Alltop:

Website Google Ranking

This website is not beneficial to new bloggers but if you have a quality blog with some amazing keywords then make sure to add your blog to Alltop. This will give your website or blog a very good exposure. You are required to create an account before you start posting.

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