13 Being Single Advantages That Makes You the New Cool

Let me confess this first, if you are a person who is in a relationship, this list will probably make you feel jealous, even if a bit.

Singles in the house, just sit back and enjoy reading. I can bet you will not laugh that much I did while writing this blog.

What comes to your mind when you hear of someone being single? A poor sad guy or girl with messy hairs, thick glasses with a lonely existence. Or, a person who doesn’t even know what romance even means.

A humble request to my dear friends- Kindly delete that misguided ambiguous scenario from your head, you have not met a true single guy. Because if you would have, then you would know that new awesomeness in town is the life of eternal singlehood.

And don’t even think to deny that, we have all the reasons that will make you nod in agreement, once you have read all the points.

1. You always have the opportunity to fulfil your wanderlust, just pack your bags and visit any nook and cranny that your heart desires to see.

The best thing about being single is you don’t have to ask your partner to come along with you on a weekend trip, just pack your bags and get set go wherever you want.

2. Oh, you have all the luxury of not even thinking and can completely forget about someone’s reaction or them judging you on farting.

Ahhh, the pleasure!

3. The only person you have to spoil is, yourself!

You have your ‘Me’ time, whether it is for flaunting new shoes or a new dress.

4. Movie time? Anytime, hell yeah!

….because it’s you who decides the time, Cheers!

5. You have the perfect answer when someone asks about your bestie in the world.

6. You feel like conquering the world every time you achieve something on your own. Hail Mogambo!

There is no need to shamelessly depend on someone, you ace the big bad world in your gangsta style.

7. The best feeling when you don’t have to fear of clearing your browsing history. Free! Free! Free!

Be it porn or drama serial; you don’t have to worry about the HISTORY.

8. You have all the liberty to flirt, flirt and lots of flirt.

Heyyy, s3xyyyy…..

9. The whole bed belongs to you, what else one can want in life.

10. Dafuq, You are the king of your pizza and TV.

11. Your pocket never gets short of money.

No, you don’t have to worry about first month anniversary, one month anniversary, one year anniversary, one year ago I-met-you-for-first-time anniversary.

12. You don’t know the meaning of Responsibility.

13. Oh, you have all time to get ready, one hour, two hours, all yours.


Read all of them? Now you must agree what I said in the beginning. Being single is like getting a gift from God that just keeps on giving super awesome advantages. There are lot more perks than you can even imagine!

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